Musical Guided Tour

At Ringve Music Museum history comes to life through a combination of engaging narrative and demonstrations of historical instruments. Our knowledgeable guides invite the visitors along on a journey through music history, and paint a vivid picture of the past through the use of historical music samples.

  • Omvisere på Ringve Musikkmuseum

In the exhibitionIn Time with the Countess, our guests are invited to explore some of old Trondhjem’s music scenes: the manor garden, the bourgeois living room, the theatre, the town musician’s home and Nidaros Cathedral. The guides will tell stories about the people who lived there and play music from the era. 

In September through April, we offer guided tours in Norwgian and English, Tuesday - Sunday at 1 pm. 

From April until September we offer guided tours every day:

Norwegian: 13 and 15
English: 12 and 16
German and french: 14