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Our Exhibitions

Ringve Music Museum offers several exhibitions on a wide range of musical themes.

The Main House

Since the opening of the Museum of Music History at Ringve in 1952, the manor building on the estate has housed guided tours with live music. 

In June 2018, the Main Building reopened with renovated splendour and now features a new, exciting exhibition: On the backdrop of life at Ringve Estate between 1875 and the First World War, the exhibition will convey the social role of music and the development of citizens’ musical socialization during a period that was crucial in the formation of Norway as an independent nation. 

Join us on a journey in the Norwegian music history - with live music!

Open April - September

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The Instrument Collection in the Barn

NOTE! The instrument collection is unfortunately closed for conversion, and will reopen June 3, 2022.

Explore a multitude of instruments from all around the world, and use the audio guide to hear exciting stories and musical treats of your choice. 

The exhibition in the Barn presents various phenomena in music history such as the development of musical societies, music in the homes of the middle- and upper classes in the 1800s, the introduction of the new era with the invention of the piano 300 years ago, the growth of jazz in the 1920s and -30s and the first decades of rock- and pop music. 

Further, the exhibition demonstrates how sound is made, even up to the electronic instruments of today. 

Opens June 3, 2022

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