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Our Exhibitions

Ringve Music Museum offers several exhibitions on a wide range of musical themes.

Lost Voices

“Listening under the surface, a 26-channel sound installation at Ringve Music Museum". 

This socially relevant exhibition is about sound as a source for understanding ecological systems and the impact of humans on underwater environments.. Sound artist Jana Winderen gives visitors a unique opportunity to experience a specially created composition based on underwater sounds from the inner part of Trondheim fjord, from the Arctic Ocean and from tropical waters. 

Soundtracks - the Instrument Gallery at Ringve

The Soundtracks exhibition displays a diverse selection from the huge collection of instruments at Ringve. The exhibition investigates how we relate to music and musical instruments. Immerse yourself in the stories about the music, the people and the instruments!

Visit the new instrument gallery!

Further, the exhibition demonstrates how sound is made, even up to the electronic instruments of today. 

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The Main House (closed November 1 - March 23)

Since the opening of the Museum of Music History at Ringve in 1952, the manor building on the estate has housed guided tours with live music. 

In June 2018, the Main Building reopened with renovated splendour and now features a new, exciting exhibition: On the backdrop of life at Ringve Estate between 1875 and the First World War, the exhibition will convey the social role of music and the development of citizens’ musical socialization during a period that was crucial in the formation of Norway as an independent nation. 

Join us on a journey in the Norwegian music history - with live music!

Open April - October

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