Group Activities

At Ringve Music Museum, our knowledge is shared through a combination of interesting historical presentations and demonstrations of musical instruments. Friendly, knowledgeable guides take visitors on a journey through musical history exemplified by music of the period and anecdotes about the Ringve Estate.

Ringve Music Museum has a new offer for groups that comprises a musical introduction provided by one of the museum’s talented guides and admission to the current exhibitions at the museum.

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Welcome to Ringve

Musical introduction to the museum and exhibitions.

This is a live introduction to your visit provided by one of our museum hosts who will relate the history of Ringve Estate and how it came to be filled with instruments from all over the world. The presentation includes live music.

Visitors will also be introduced to the current exhibitions at the museum, and the host will be available to answer questions and escort you throughout the entire museum tour.

Exhibitions 2018:

Juoigat – a journey through Sami music
7 October 2017 – 6 February 2018

An exhibition featuring Sami music in conjunction with the Traånte 2017 Jubilee.

The exhibition focuses on the yoik and its role as a musical and cultural form of expression. Juoigat examines both the original, traditional yoik, and how it has developed into the new, contemporary varitions that can be heard today.

Drumroll and fanfare
200 Years of Norwegian Military Bands
7 March 2017 – 16. December 2018

This exhibition is a celebration of the Norwegian professional military bands’ 200-year-long history, from the formation of the first five brigade bands in 1818. Norwegian military music has been inestimably important for civilian music life. In this exhibition, the visitors will encounter both changing instrumentation and resounding performances – from march to brass!

The Manor Museum
From 16 June 2018

Since the opening of the Museum of Music History at Ringve in 1952, the manor building on the estate has housed guided tours. In 2018, the Main Building will reopen with renovated splendour and feature a new, exciting exhibition: On the backdrop of life at Ringve Estate between 1875 and the First World War, the exhibition will convey the social role of music and the development of citizens’ musical socialization during a period that was crucial in the formation of Norway as an independent nation.
Join us on a journey to Norway in the 1880s!

The Exhibit In the Barn

The exhibit in the Barn presents hundreds of musical instruments from all over the world, and includes a separate section for Norwegian instruments such as the hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle) and the lur (S-shaped bronze trumpet).

Part of the exhibition is an audio guide with music examples, anecdotes and information about the instruments. The Barn also has stations where visitors may try to play different instruments.

Group Rates (min. 15 persons):

Adults:         NOK 100,-
Children (0-15 years):    Free

With a mini-concert:
Adults:         NOK 155,-
Children (0-15 years):    Free

With a mini-concert and
sparkling wine:
Adults:         NOK 255,-

Group reservations outside the museum’s opening hours: with musical introduction: NOK 150,-/ including a mini-concert: 205 NOK/
including a mini-concert and sparkling wine: NOK 305, incl. VAT. Cancellation of reservations later than 24 hours prior to your visit entails a fee of NOK 1,000. Visiting groups will be invoiced for a minimum of 15 persons. We reserve the right to alter rates in accordance with changes in public taxes and fees.

More information/booking:

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